World-renowned authorities in geopolitics, economics, gold, metals and mining shares will address issues that will have a direct impact on your portfolio for the balance of 2017 and into 2018 at the following upcoming 2017 investment conferences:

New Orleans 2017
Investment Conference

October 25-28, 2017, New Orleans, LA
Hilton New Orleans Riverside

For well over four decades – through some of the most turbulent and dangerous times in investing – the record shows there is no better place to find profits and safety than the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference. But this year’s blockbuster event will be one of the most exciting in the long history of the New Orleans Conference.

With celebrated authorities in geopolitics, economics and every asset class – including many of the top experts in gold, metals and mining shares – this year’s conference will more than live up to our reputation as “the world’s greatest investment event!”

This year’s New Orleans Conference is gathering dozens of the world’s top experts in geopolitics, economics and the resource markets, including: Tucker Carlson, Charles Krauthammer, Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Jonah Goldberg, Dennis Gartman, Doug Casey, Simon Black, Rick Rule, Brien Lundin and dozens more! PLUS the world’s leading authorities on gold, silver, mining stocks and every investment sector, including Adrian Day, Brent Cook, Byron King, Mark Skousen, Robert Prechter, Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston, Lindsay Hall, Omar Ayales, Thom Calandra, Chris Powell, Bill Murphy, Nick Giambruno, Louis James and more.

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